About Us

Afro Comb

Born and raised in North London, we are hip-hop soul duo influenced by our open-minded approach to life which is reflected through our eclectic sound.

With a dialogue of social commentary, we express our political stance, highlighting issues affecting our society and rippling around the world.

Starting off as friends and blossoming into soulmates; we started to create songs that discuss both personal and combined journeys through life. Music is therapy; we have ups and downs as every couple does, we just express them through art.

We are an outspoken couple with a lot to say and are looking forward to an open discussion with the world.

Denzel Nonso


When I reminisce old bars, I hear a storyline of my life up until now.
A youth growing up in the era of 8 bar reloads, I related to artists like Wretch 32 and Scorcher, who you had to wheel up every bar to be able to catch what they were saying.

The journey from my optimistic teen years to determined twenties, formed the foundations of who I am becoming.

My personal and creative journey intertwined with Caira’s.
When our close friend passed away; I had no words, but Caira did…
Afro Comb was born!

Caira Naomi


The sound I bring to Afro Comb is undeniably influenced by my mum’s admiration of Jazz and Reggae, mixed with memories of Nu Bran Flexx playing off a Sony Ericson in the playground.

Fast forward a lot, I was studying a Chemistry degree, living in a tiny flat with three friends. It was the hub of our friendship group, a collection of creatives, chilling with music and vibes.

Our relationship developed naturally, sparking from the purest friendship. I told him I had written a song, he asked to hear it… the rest is history!